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Just How to Get That Dream Internship

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It’s the start of a new school year but Northwestern students are already gearing up for the exciting opportunities that await them next summer. Before students can actually look forward to this time of year however, they must go through the rigorous and sometimes daunting task of applying for jobs and internships to build their...
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Regal: Make CAESAR Great Again!

Jessica Li  Comments (0)
Everybody knows how annoying it is to navigate through CAESAR during registration season, seeing as how you can’t even press the back button without losing all your saved searches. Regal, a Chrome extension for CAESAR developed by Northwestern Senior William Xiao aims to improve CAESAR’s user interface, and make every student’s registration experience on Caesar a little less painful...
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The Institute for Student Business Education at Northwestern revolutionized my college experience. Not only was I able to maximize my business connections in a major urban center like Chicago, but I was also able to develop and utilize leadership skills including public speaking, event organization, and team building. During my time as president of ISBE, I learned how to help Northwestern students publicly present their strengths ensuring they start their business careers on the right foot post-graduation.
ISBE Alumni
Jennifer Linker

Board of Directors, Former President

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