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Checking in on NU’s First Mobile Coffee Shop

Zach Basu  Comments (0)
It’s been almost three months since BrewBike officially began operation, and like any determined cyclist pedaling toward a goal, business is starting to pick up speed. The success of BrewBike, Northwestern’s first student-run, cold brew coffee shop on wheels, has been largely dependent on insights from its trial phases. The eight days of Wildcat Welcome...
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Winners and Losers of a Trump Presidency

Michelle Lu  Comments (0)
With Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, Republicans have once again seized control of the White House and Congress. In addition to appointing a conservative justice to the Supreme Court, Mr. Trump aims to fill two vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board with Republicans and looks forward to a gradual reversal of the...
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The Rise of eSports

Justin Song  Comments (0)
On March 8, 1971, “The Fight of the Century” took place at the Madison Square Garden indoor arena in New York City. Twenty-some thousand people in the arena and millions across the country tuned to witness the largest and most important boxing match of the century between Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier. Forty-five years later,...
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The Institute for Student Business Education at Northwestern revolutionized my college experience. Not only was I able to maximize my business connections in a major urban center like Chicago, but I was also able to develop and utilize leadership skills including public speaking, event organization, and team building. During my time as president of ISBE, I learned how to help Northwestern students publicly present their strengths ensuring they start their business careers on the right foot post-graduation.
ISBE Alumni
Jennifer Linker

Board of Directors, Former President

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