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Roadblock: The Ethics Behind Autonomous Cars

Kevin Qiu  Comments (0)
Both Tesla and Google, among other notable tech companies, have generated media buzz in the past few years with the extensive testing of their autonomous car technologies on the road. In a recent YouTube video, one of Tesla’s vehicles was shown to detect an impeding two car collision, and reacted accordingly seconds before the actual...
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NAFTA in the Trump Era

Javier Madrazo  Comments (0)
Should the U.S. withdraw from what President Trump has identified as the “worst trade deal ever signed”? The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a trade agreement signed between Mexico, Canada, and the United States in 1994, has been a controversial topic lately, after President Trump expressed his intention to withdraw from the treaty. NAFTA...
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Segal Innovation Open House Showcases Student Accomplishment

Ruiqi Chen  Comments (0)
On March 10, Segal Design Institute hosted this quarter’s Design Innovation Open House in The Garage featuring student projects and portfolios. Undergraduate students pursuing Manufacturing & Design Engineering (MaDE) degrees as well as those participating in the Segal Design Certificate and extra-curricular organization Design for America (DFA) presented their work from the past quarter alongside...
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The Institute for Student Business Education at Northwestern revolutionized my college experience. Not only was I able to maximize my business connections in a major urban center like Chicago, but I was also able to develop and utilize leadership skills including public speaking, event organization, and team building. During my time as president of ISBE, I learned how to help Northwestern students publicly present their strengths ensuring they start their business careers on the right foot post-graduation.
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