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How Soylent Might Change The Way We Eat

Harry Forbes  Comments (0)
Soylent, the soy supplement that can apparently replace food– is all the rage nowadays in Silicon Valley and on college campuses. However, the concept of a liquid diet replacing solid food has definitely come under attack from skeptics. Is Soylent really all it’s hyped up to be? Or may the critics actually have a point? In 2012, Rob...
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Northwestern Engineering Team TA-DA Designs The Ultimate Versatile Car

Allison Lu  Comments (0)
Image courtesy of Northwestern University, Ideas at the Intersection. Imagine if your car could turn into anything– a passenger vehicle, a meeting place, or a place to nap. This could very soon become reality, as Northwestern Engineering team TA-DA is committed to design the ultimate versatile vehicle. Video credits to: Lindsay Lu, Kelly Norris Almost every household in...
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Kolliner: How Secure Is Venmo, Really?

Jessie Kolliner  Comments (0)
*This article reflects the opinion of the writer, and not NBR as a whole.* Payment-sharing app Venmo has been trending lately on college campuses, as many students use it to split dinner bills, groceries, and even rent. But with every app that deals with money, there are always concerns about security. Here, NBR’s Jessie Kolliner...
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The Institute for Student Business Education at Northwestern revolutionized my college experience. Not only was I able to maximize my business connections in a major urban center like Chicago, but I was also able to develop and utilize leadership skills including public speaking, event organization, and team building. During my time as president of ISBE, I learned how to help Northwestern students publicly present their strengths ensuring they start their business careers on the right foot post-graduation.
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