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Northwestern’s Growing Endowment: What Does It Mean?

Alexandra Hall  Comments (0)
To many, a university’s endowment can seem like an arbitrary measure of its rank, without any real meaning or relevance to students’ day to day life. However, the endowment can often serve as a true indicator of university’s financial health. Northwestern has one of the fastest growing endowments in the nation, currently estimated at around...
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An Intro to VR Filmmaking

Michelle Nguyen  Comments (0)
Cinema has evolved dramatically over the last century: from silent, black and white films to stunning, full-length features complete with special effects and more. Filmmaking is going through yet another revolution, as filmmakers Guy Bauer and Anthony Casanova demonstrated at the Garage on October 4. Together, they film 360-degree, virtual reality films, and they –...
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‘Cats with Careers: Q&A with ZS Associates

Carlyn Zuckert  Comments (0)
Kelly Satterlee graduated from Northwestern University in 2015 with a degree in biomedical engineering and economics. She now works for ZS Associates, a leading sales and marketing consulting firm. ZS Associates is currently recruiting on campus, and Satterlee was able to provide an inside scoop into the process.   Q: At what stage during your...
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The Institute for Student Business Education at Northwestern revolutionized my college experience. Not only was I able to maximize my business connections in a major urban center like Chicago, but I was also able to develop and utilize leadership skills including public speaking, event organization, and team building. During my time as president of ISBE, I learned how to help Northwestern students publicly present their strengths ensuring they start their business careers on the right foot post-graduation.
ISBE Alumni
Jennifer Linker

Board of Directors, Former President

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