ISBE is the largest student-run business organization at Northwestern University with 250+ members. 

Who are we?

We're entrepreneurs, programmers, visualizers, gamblers, and writers. 
We're go-getters who share a passion to dive into the dynamic and diverse world of business.

Under ISBE, there are 7 product groups. Students join one or more of these groups to dive into real-world projects in various areas, from consulting to advertising. 



Highly motivated analysts delivering quantitative consulting services primarily within but also outside of the Northwestern community. Learn more here.


Talented students who are passionate about entrepreneurship. We provide an opportunity for students to turn their passion projects into real start-ups. Learn more here.


A student-run advertising agency, Mark fosters creativity and strategic thinking. Clients ranging from student groups to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn more here.


A microfinance group committed to providing individuals with the financial assistance necessary to initiate and run a successful business. Learn more here.


Minority Business Association   strives to create minority leaders who are pioneers in their respective industries with a commitment to giving back to their communities through education, experience and opportunity.


As Northwestern’s premier business publication, NBR works to create cutting-edge online editorial business content that is accessible and relevant to the Northwestern community. Learn more here.


The only finance group on campus that manages a real $10,000 investment fund. Learn more here.


Established in 2005, ISBE is the premier student-run business organization at NU.

We offer a variety of educational and experiential business opportunities. Our product teams focus on developing skills to prepare students for careers in consulting, marketing, finance, journalism, entrepreneurship, tech, and more. 

Above all, our mission is to be the leading resource for all Northwestern undergraduates to discover the possibilities of a career in business. 

As an organization and within individual teams, ISBE is dedicated to preparing students for the dynamic, exciting, challenging world of business that awaits them. Members of ISBE can expect to learn tangible business skills through engagement with clients, students, or Evanston/Chicago residents.

Our Board and Sponsors

Also to our Corporate Sponsors:

Goldman Sachs - Gold Sponsor
ZS Associates - Gold Sponsor
AB Bernstein - Silver Sponsor
Vantiv - Silver Sponsor
Davita - Silver Sponsor





Thank you to our Board Members:

Mark Witte - Faculty Advisor | Economics Professor
Rishi Shah - Founder of ISBE | Founder of Outcome Health
Brad Purdy - Chairman of Board | CFO/CSO of Outcome Health
Jennifer Linker - Board Member | Senior Consultant at Bain
William Mclaughlin - Board Member | Financial Analyst at YouTube
Cristina Mommsen - Board Member | Private Equity Analyst at Sycamore Partners
Neal Sales-Griffin - Board Member | Founder of The Starter League


2018 - 2019 Exec Board