Who we are

Arch is dedicated to providing passionate students with an outlet to foster their entrepreneurial spirit. By pairing them with projects tailored to their interests and skill sets, we aim to help foster a meaningful business education through active engagement. Our members have the opportunity to work on both internal projects, consisting of ideas generated by members of Arch, and external projects which entail working with established startups that are looking to optimize their operations, integrate technology, and/or boost their growth.

Whatever the case may be, Arch is committed to doing high-value work and creating tangible value both within the Northwestern community and beyond.

What we’ve done

Medkit Solutions - Our goal of Medkit Solutions is to increase accessibility to affordable health and wellness products for  the Northwestern community. We’ve had frequent contact with the university and the dean of students along with participation in various contests that provide funding to start ups on campus. We won 3rd at ImproveNU and are finalizing design and logistics for 1st vending machine in Norris University Center this spring quarter.

Steap - Our goal of Steap was to make boba more accessible to students on campus with DIY boba kits. We launched our MVP and surveyed the student body to discover market preferences. We looked at wholesale distributors for ingredients and are strategizing how to scale throughout Northwestern’s campus.

What we have for the future

We will be involved with Israel Summit at Chicago, a entrepreneurial fair in April which will feature booths of start ups from both the Chicago area and Israel. We are also looking to become involved with the Table, a start up on campus.


Contact our Arch directors, Matt and Marisa! They can be reached at and