Who we arE

Mark is a student-run advertising agency, fostering creativity and strategic thinking. Clients range from student groups to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We are a group of 30+ plus members that seeks to educate ourselves on the marketing and adverting industries through client work and professional development workshops.

What we’ve donE

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BrewBike provides coffee to the Northwestern community in the most convenient way, every day.

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Roominate is a poster delivery and exchange service for Northwestern students. You buy a poster from their catalog for a one-time payment, and then can exchange the poster for a different one at any point.

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HotPlate believes your restaurant experience should never be ruined by a bad dish. Our app enables users to discover the best dishes at restaurants through individual dish ratings, reviews, and recommendations..


What We Have for the future

This quarter, we will continue working with two clients, begin work with two Kellogg start ups, and have the opportunity to collaborate with United Airlines to create and execute marketing strategies


Contact our Mark directors, Juliet and Lou! They can be reached at JulietSage2020@u.northwestern and