Who we are

Micro is a microfinance group committed to providing individuals with the financial assistance necessary to initiate and run a successful business.

Through education and hands-on experiences, Micro provides members with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist micro-enterprises at an international level. Micro also sponsors summer internships for qualified members at foreign microfinance organizations.

What we’ve done

Our goal every quarter is to help people know more about microfinance and to help improve their ability to pitch a loan. We start every meeting with a short lecture introducing micro lenders and knowledge. We finish meetings creating and doing Kiva pitches. This way, members can feel confident about their ability to choose and pitch a loan.


Reach out to the Micro directors below!

Nelson Shao  YifeiShao2022@u.northwestern.edu

Nelson Shao


Ryan Kim  RyanKim2021.1@u.northwestern.edu

Ryan Kim