Who we are

NBR is Northwestern's premier business-interest publication and one of the country's top and only undergraduate business journals. Through our work, we strive to make business news accessible to all. Visit https://northwesternbusinessreview.org to see some of our work!

What have we done

We recently profiled ThriveCash, a $10M startup founded by ex-Paypal product managers. Our goal was to create relevant and accessible content about a real-world business i.e. answer the question: "How can we make ThriveCash's story and mission as relevant and accessible as possible, especially for a Northwestern student audience?"

We interviewed the CEO of ThriveCash with a keen focus on the things that matter: ThriveCash's relevant business mission, ThriveCash's CEO's journey from college to founding a startup, etc. From that, we created a profile of the CEO of ThriveCash focusing on his journey as a founder and containing advice for student entrepreneurs, with ~1k views in just two months since the story's publication. Read here: https://northwesternbusinessreview.org/thrive-cash-accessible-lending-for-college-students-8c267af133f6

What we have for the future

NBR prides itself with meaningful work. By joining NBR, your experience will have:

  • In-depth stories on topics that matter with reporting that goes above and beyond: we work to make sure that all of our analytical pieces have at least a few primary source interviews and multiple secondary sources, and many of our pieces even have infographics

  • Event coverage stories: writers can pitch to cover any events that might be relevant to any of NBR's content areas - Interviews with business leaders, both on and off campus and, profiles of student and real-world startups

  • Direct editor-to-writer mentorship for ALL NBR writers

  • Exclusive trips to companies like Bloomberg


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Patricia Tang


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